seal gasket

A seal gasket , often referred to simply as a gasket, is a mechanical sealing component used to create a secure and leak-tight seal between two or more mating surfaces or components. Gaskets are designed to prevent the escape of fluids, such as liquids or gases, and to block the intrusion of external elements like dust, dirt, or contaminants. They are commonly used in a wide range of industries and applications due to their flexibility, resilience, and sealing properties. Here are some key characteristics and common uses of seal gaskets: **Characteristics:** 1. **Elasticity:** Gaskets are highly elastic and can deform to conform to irregular surfaces, ensuring a tight seal. 2. **Sealing Properties:** Gaskets are made from materials with excellent sealing capabilities, even when compressed between mating surfaces. 3. **Temperature Tolerance:** Gaskets can withstand a broad temperature range, making them suitable for both high-temperature and low-temperature applications. 4. **Ch

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